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Non-Surgical Facelift

We offer a state-of-the-art curative procedure through our innovative product Doublo for changing bone re-absorption, mid-face fat pads, volume reduction, lines and wrinkles, skin appearing dull and dry etc to give you the best body image.
Our face is the mirror of all that we experience and as it ages, it requires restoration of balance and application of care for its betterment. Factors such as loss of elasticity, weight loss/gain, loss of adipose tissue and a malpractices like smoking etc. soon take a toll on the patient’s face some day or the other.
We understand that every person is unique and thus treating each face (i.e. patient) on individual basis is our priority. We have resorted balance and negated aging effects for numerous patients by using our innovative product- Doublo. This is a revolutionary product for improving facial appearance because it restores the 3D form of your face without any surgery.


Doublo is an innovative High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound System that is used to rejuvenate facial skin and aid its allied processes. It is based on a class-leading technology that uses and focuses Ultrasonic waves to give a new lease of skin without causing it any untoward experience in the process.
The basic principle of its working involves the generation of an appropriate amount of heat by Ultrasound waves to contract collagen and skin connective tissues, and supporting the skin rejuvenation and regeneration process in the meanwhile.
A focussed and guided use of Ultrasound allows the surgeon to deliver an appropriate amount of energy at the intended part of the body but leaving other parts unaffected by the process. This allows achieving tighter and firmer versions of the patient’s skin in minimum time.

Merits of the process:

  • Precision and safety: These two factors are focally the constituents of the process. Unlike the conventional HIFU equipments, Doublo uses two multi transducers to focus and reduce damage of surrounding tissue.
  • Live and High Resolution: Doublo uses 128CH to provide clear and high resolution.
  • Double Control System: Conventional HIFU equipments use both image probes and transducers at one side of the cartridge, but in Doublo they are separated to isolate focus energy from the cartridge onto the skin imaging area. There is no need to change the image probe during changing the cartridges also.
  • Three types of optimum cartridges for different treatment area are M7, D4 and D7.
  • Optimized parameters for each treatment area: Parameters saved in memory of the instrument help in easier and faster treatments. Energy setting and spacing are easy to adjust and treatment time is next to minimum.
  • User-friendly interface: Its Graphic User Interface is maximized for the surgeon’s convenience to help him/her complete the treatment after a minimum introduction and knowledge of the procedure.
  • Inexpensive: It lowers the equipment cost by lowering the pricing for cartridges to make it more cost-effective.
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