hair transplant delhi
Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair Transplant Delhi

Back are the days where finding a reliable and most effective solution to all your health related problems was not an easy way. Medical tourism made it easier for the people to connect and gain best possible medical treatment available. Earlier this concept was to travel from less developed countries to highly developed countries in search of best medical opportunities. But now recently people travel from developed countries to the developing countries for lower priced but high quality medical treatments.

Hair Transplant Delhi

We would like to introduce you to the renowned cosmetic clinic “COSMOWORLD CLINICS “ in your most beautiful historical city DELHI also known as heart of the nation. Delhi has always been a boon and center of attraction for all the people across the world bringing all the facilities under one roof. Looking good to strengthen your inner confidence and creating a feeling of overall wellness is what we need these days. COSMOWORLD CLINIC is a dedicated centre of reliability and excellence offering comprehensive treatments for a range of cosmetic enhancements in both invasive and non invasive field . Our team works efficiently for providing best available Cosmetic treatments and making aware of all the upcoming advances in the cosmetic field. Majority of focus is laid down on the most recent and in treatment HAIR TRANSPLANT. Which is slowly growing and gaining its popularity Hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive procedure to treat male pattern baldness through FUE technique helping in regaining your youth and confidence again . At HAIR TRANSPLANT DELHI, You can get this treatment easily available by our experts assuring the safety and efficacy of the treatment. HAIR TRANSPLANT DELHI takes pride in giving a professional and customised approach to each patient and help in rebuilding your confidence and self esteem. Now a days, people are very conscious about their aesthetic value as aesthetics is basically a philosophical notion of beauty describing one’s expectations and to meet that expectation you really need an expert advice.Sharing our surgeon’s profile who can help you meet your realistic expectations in the cosmetic field Dr. Satya Saraswat.

Dr.Satya Saraswat is highly dedicated in providing highest quality of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery in a calm, friendly set up . He is known for his honesty and reputation and makes a comfortable one –on –one relationship with his patients.

Dr.Satya Saraswat is an internationally renowned & board certified plastic surgeon (Gold Medalist). His contributions in cosmetic field are immense. Dr.Satya Saraswat has been performing surgeries in India, Dubai and Kenya at many of his centres for past 10 years.

He is a Diplomate , American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery , being the first Plastic Surgeon from India to have cleared the highest certification in the field of Hair Transplant world –over. He specialises in Latest Techniques of Hair Transplant , repair of previously performed Hair Transplant cases and conducts courses for the same ( He has been awarded Gold Medal in cosmetic surgery by Health Minister of India.

Dr. Saraswat is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon at Cosmocare Clinic, Al Satwa Dubai too.

He is a member of -

1. American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS)

2. International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

3. International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)

Dr Satya is attached to Various clinics in India and Overseas too

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Dr Satya have been awarded Gold Medal in Cosmetic Surgery by Health Minister of India.

Dr Satya is a specialist Plastic Surgeon at Cosmocare Clinic, Satwa Dubai too.

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